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Cat 5 Hurricane Screen



Catagory 5 Hurricane Screen

Preservation of your home envelope is paramount in hurricane protection.  Once a window or door is breached the envelope is compromised and surging winds can lift your roof or blow out your walls; driven rain can flood your home.

Covering these openings with Cat 5 Hurricane Screens reduces the wind and rain to miniscule amounts while safely deflecting debris.  Your home envelope remains intact.

Cat 5 Hurricane Screens, LLC manufactures fabric-based hurricane protection products.  This new fabric technology proves to be the ideal solution for protecting large open areas such as lanais, balconies, entranceways, and garage doors.  It is so strong that flying debris just bounces off.  These screen products have been tested for winds in excess of 188 mph and approved by the state of Florida (FL6962) per its stringent non-HVHZ hurricane protection building code. 


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